What if... Bold Cabinets

What if... Bold Cabinets

Guess where I am? In MINNESOTA! Yay! But why you ask? For my brother's WEDDING! YAY x infinty. The best. So yes, we did leave our new home and kitties after only a week but it is for the most amazing reason. Plus if I am offered any excuse to be with the family, I immediately snatch it up.

But this has given me time to reflect, away from the house, on what I want to do in the next month or so. Mostly my list is little doodad tasks like replacing this outlet, capping that gutter, etc. But I have decided that I can not go on without doing sooooooomething to the kitchen. I just don't want to invite people over and say "Yes, I am sorry it is poo brown. It's temporary, promise. Just wait 'til the remodel..."  Nope nope. I mean, just look at it.

And then I thought to my little own self, "Why not take this moment and paint your kitchen cabinets something bold and daring! Forget resale value and what you can live with forever! Pink? Green? Red? Do it!"

In the blink of an eye my friend Photoshop and I were playing kitchen make-over. So what if...

We went with green a'la Bailey McCarthy?

Or we painted robin's egg bluelike this?

 Or red????   "I like kitchens that go fast, vrooom vrrroom" - Ansel

Or classy navy like this?

 Fun right? In these quick Photoshop mock-ups I also "painted" the walls and tin stamped tile white. I was so happy with the result just here on the screen!

Ansel has eliminated the robins egg blue because he pointed out that it is a more retro/kitchy chic vibe, which is not really us, and something that we are trying to escape given the '60s cabinets and our linoleum attack. And I agree with him. Plus, it's not really too crazy of a color.

Right now we are leaning towards navy. It make the giant black fridge take a step back more than any of the other colors.

But then I started to really think about the fridge... what about vinyl decals? or removable wallpaper? and then I found this! Removable, re-position-able canvas wallpaper for practically any medium you would want! It would be so easy because our fridge is all flat sides with no handle interruptions or anything. Could it be one big art work? Could I paint big florals inspired by Rifle Paper co?

Something to think about; that is for sure! Do you have a vote?

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